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Catalyst price list

Do you store used catalysts in your garage for a long time? Or maybe your car needs to change the old catalyst for a new one? It’s worth to check it now! See the price list of used catalysts and sell them with a profit! For many years, our company has been specializing in buying inefficient catalysts, setting catalyst prices and recovering precious metals from them. Using our services guarantees a good income. You can also buy a new catalyst here. The prices of catalysts in the scrap yard are much lower than those we offer. Therefore we recommend you to order a courier who will collect the used catalyst from you. We buy catalysts of all brands and conditions. If you want to get rid of your old catalyst, contact us now.


Catalysts prices

The answer to this question is very simple. The high prices of catalysts result from the high content of precious metals in their core. We’re talking about palladium, rhodium and platinum. We carry out an individual quote for each catalyst. We take into account the following parameters: ceramic weight, pottery humidity, metal content: platinum (pt), palladium (pd), radium (rh), ore exchange rates on world stock exchanges ($ / oz), currency exchange rates, car mileage, fuel type and its origin, the way the car is used, the country of destination of the vehicle, mechanical and thermal damage. Catalyst prices range from several dozen to even several hundred zlotys. To measure the amount of precious metals in the catalyst we use the XRF spectrometer. In our purchase of catalysts, we evaluate the price based on precious metal prices on the stock exchange, so it is a very reliable and transparent process. We encourage you to contact our company to find out the price of the used catalyst. We guarantee very attractive prices.