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Catalyst purchasing

We specialize in buying and processing of the catalysts. We accept either with ceramic or metal inserts from all types of cars as well as ceramic monoliths. We purchase wholesale and retail catalysts.

We offer very clear and transparent terms of cooperation. We receive catalysts from our customers personally. We pay in cash or by bank transfer. We can also issue VAT invoices. We guarantee favorable prices, based on current precious metal prices on the most important global stock exchanges.

We guarantee instant pricing of every car catalyst. We evaluate it using the XRF spectrometer. It examines in detail the content of platinum, palladium and rhodium in the catalyst. In the valuation we take into account such factors as: the weight of ceramics, humidity of ceramics, the content of metals: platinum (pt), palladium (pd), radium (rh).

We have all the necessary permits and certificates that enable us to buy catalysts in Poland.

We buy catalysts with ceramic and metal core, FAP DPF particle filters, and ceramic monoliths.

Recycling of precious metals has many benefits. From the ecological perspective: lower energy costs, lower pollution, resource recovery, lower waste amount. From the economical perspective: stable metal prices on the market.